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  3. Just one Supreme Court play on the docket would not do this town justice. Arena Executive Producer Edgar Dobie reveals, “One phone call in particular from Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg – a long-time fan of DC theater – started the festival wheels spinning in Molly’s head. She asked as only Justice Ginsburg can, ‘Where’s the Ruth?’ Well, Molly and I agreed we’d be fools to object to such an opportunity.”


  4. Happy V-Day from RBG <3


  5. Kagan started her remarks to the appreciative audience on a light note, pointing out that Ginsburg has numerous fans who have created online sites about her and showing pictures of Ginsburg as a young woman, but she went on to more serious praise, from the quality of her legal writing to the cases she has been involved with and her steadfast determination to work toward gender equality.”


  6. RBG goin’ in for the real thing.

    (thanks for the help, frame—focus!)


  7. hogs-of-war:

    The best part of the State of the Union, hands down.

    (SOTU 2013)


  8. #werq

    RBG with U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) in 1993.


  9. Anonymous said: Let us keep this to the point. We want something. You know what it is... T-shirt campaign anytime soon?

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