1. For more than a decade, Ginsburg has worked with a trainer in the Supreme Court’s small ground-level exercise room. Recently, Breyer used a machine that Ginsburg had been using; she set it at six, while he could handle only five. Kagan uses the same trainer as Ginsburg, and when the younger Justice struggles with fifteen-pound curls the trainer says, ‘C’mon! Justice Ginsburg can do that easily!’
    — From the archives: Jeffrey Toobin profiles Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (via newyorker)

    (via newyorker)


  2. Once [gay] people began to say who they were, you found that it was your next-door neighbor or it could be your child, and we found people we admired,” she said. “That understanding still doesn’t exist with race; you still have separation of neighborhoods, where the races are not mixed. It’s the familiarity with people who are gay that still doesn’t exist for race and will remain that way for a long time as long as where we live remains divided.


  4. Ruthie been smooth since days of Underroos.  

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  6. When Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg reflects on the Supreme Court’s recent rulings, she sees an inconsistency.

    In its gay rights rulings, she told a law school audience last week, the court uses the soaring language of “equal dignity” and has endorsed the fundamental values of “liberty and equality.” Indeed, a court that just three decades ago allowed criminal prosecutions for gay sex now speaks with sympathy for gay families and seems on the cusp of embracing a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

    But in cases involving gender, she said, the court has never fully embraced “the ability of women to decide for themselves what their destiny will be.” She said the court’s five-justice conservative majority, all men, did not understand the challenges women face in achieving authentic equality.
    — Adam Liptak, As Gays Prevail in Supreme Court, Women See Setbacks, The New York Times (Aug. 4, 2014).

  7. Apparently, her spiky Dissent Jabot is from a swag bag given to RBG as 2012 Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year.



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  10. "They were both born in Brooklyn. Both have extensive experience with the law. And both are considered among the best in their field. Both are known for telling it like it is. Maybe that’s why they’re both ‘Notorious.’

    So in the words of that other ‘Notorious,’ if you don’t know, now you know.”

    (it was created in response to the Voting Rights case tho…)